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Drug testing

The novelty in the Polyclinic Bonifarm is the possibility of identifying traces of drugs or other addictive substances in urine samples.

Testing is used to detect whether a person was taking a drug in a specified period. The presence of certain drugs in the body can be detected only by using an appropriate test, intended for those drugs, so it is important to use the appropriate test.

Monitoring of drug concentration during therapy

Monitoring of the concentration of the drug during therapy (individualized therapy) is a method for determining the concentration of drug in the blood of subjects on the basis of which individual dose is determined (dose, frequency of administration, drug formulation, way of administration).

Generally, therapeutic drug monitoring is a necessary prerequisite for the successful treatment of patients.

Histamine test intolerance (D-HIT)

Laboratory of the Polyclinic Bonifarm performs histamine intolerance tests by determining the activity of the enzyme diaminoksidaze (DAO) from the blood. This test is called D-HIT (Histamine Intolerance Test).

Food intolerance tests

In our laboratory, it is possible to conduct food intolerance tests.

There are four different testing panels depending on the number and type of food. The interpretation of the findings by nutritionists is a part of the testing.