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Occupational Medicine

medicina rada

Occupational medicine is a preventive activity whose main objective is the maintenance and improvement of workers' health and the preservation of their working ability.
Occupational medicine is a multidisciplinary activity and its main objectives are:

  • removal of potentially hazardous factors at the workplace
  • prevention of occupational diseases and accidents at work
  • improvement of workers' health
  • improvement of working conditions and work organization
  • diagnosis of occupational diseases and work related diseases

Occupational Medicine Office

Telephones: 01/ 2302 077, 01/ 2302 084
Fax: 01/ 2446 966
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In our occupational medicine practice we carry out specific workers health protection, and other people who need to be examined and need opinion of occupational medicine.
All examinations, including the laboratory are performed in one place, which significantly shortens waiting and allows the issuance of examination results on the same day.
Easy access and parking.

We perform the following examinations:

  • Examinations prior to employment
  • Previous, periodical, control and extraordinary examinations for jobs with special working conditions
  • Examinations for security guards and guards
  • Examinations for holding and carrying of a weapon
  • Examinations for firefighters
  • Examinations for work in the area of ionizing radiation
  • Examinations for travelling, work and staying abroad
  • Examinations for drivers A, B, C, D and E categories for driving tests and extension of driving licenses of all categories (regular supervisory examinations)
  • Extraordinary examinations for drivers of all categories
  • Examinations for workers working on the computer
  • Examinations of sailors
  • Examinations when establishing private company
  • Examinations of students for enrollment in high school and in college
  • Examinations for enrollment at faculties
  • Examinations of athletes and sportsmen
  • Examinations for permanent residence in Croatia