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Just as pain is the first thought that comes up at the mention of the disease, so is the medicine the first association related to treatment. Due to their magical properties that they can alleviate or even eliminate the disease, the medicines have always been magical and mystical to people. The history of medication reaches far into the past, into the era of witch doctors and herbalists. But only with the development of modern chemistry, in particular advanced technology, medicine research gained a new dimension. Researches are becoming more targeted and strictly controlled, and the latest medicines become so sophisticated that they are even called "smart medicines".

Lack of practical and critical data on medicines often raises suspicion that medicines are taboo. This, in turn favors the development of different stories and speculations. However, despite all these stories we cannot and we must not deny the extraordinary contribution that medicines have on improving health and extending human life, nor can we ignore their role in everyday life.

It is true that some medications are completely useless, and that some are taken absolutely unnecessary, but also the fact is that drugs are often still very useful, and that they often save, extend and improve the quality of our life.

Because patients as end users have an absolute right to be objectively informed about medicines, about what is their potential benefit, but also the potential damage, at the home page of our website under "News in the field of medicines and pharmacotherapy," we will endeavor to critically and as objectively as possible handle the most current topics in the area.

Besides the important facts about beneficial, but also harmful effects of certain medicines, in this section you will be able to find reviews of the latest drug research as well as financial implications of their use. There will also be a variety of other current issues, problems and even misconceptions related to medications and treatment, present with humans and patients, but not infrequently also with the doctors.

Of course, there will be other information and interesting facts on our website, and most importantly, your questions, comments and suggestions will make this section more attractive.

Marinko Bilušić, MD, specialist in pharmacology and toxicology